• Strong team support

    Integrating research and development, manufacturing, and trade services

  • Stable production guarantee

    Focusing on improving the comprehensive capabilities of enterprises

  • High quality industry reputation

    Won recognition and praise from domestic and foreign partners

  • Comprehensive cooperative support

    Jinan Walmart adheres to the principle of win-win cooperation

  • oursgive service to
    Comprehensive Economic entity serving the whole
  • marketing management

    We have extensive experience in the chemical industry. We help Chinese factories market and sell their powerful products. Jinan Walmart is a powerful and reliable source of market intelligence for evaluating and obtaining customer market share.

  • distribution

    With decades of marketing experience, hydrazine manufacturers have observed and collected a lot of data related to distribution gaps and discontinuities that affect our customers' supply chains.

  • export

    We are now starting to enter the world market. With in-depth experience in the Chinese market, we call on customers from all over the world to contact us and meet their needs for Chinese products. We suggest providing export services to customers who need to visit China through a one-stop shop.

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    Hydrazine hydrate for industrial use

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    Comprehensive Economic entity integrating R&D, production, trade and service

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    Jinan Forever Chemical Co.Ltd

    Comprehensive Economic entity serving the whole

    Jinan Forever Chemical is a comprehensive economic entity integrating R&D, production, trade and service. We provide azodicarbonamide, hydrazine hydrate, ferric chloride and o-aminophenol (also called ortho aminophenol) and APIs. Fine chemical products such as bulk drugs, chloroacetic acid, fluorescent whitening agents, phosphorous acid, pyridine, soda ash, etc., are widely used in medicine, pesticides, dyes, environmental protection, plastics, textiles, daily chemicals, feed and other fields. And they all obtained ISO9001 international quality system certification. For more than ten years, with high quality requirements, products have been sold extremely widely, and its annual turnover has continued to rise. It has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with famous fine chemical and pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad.

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